segunda-feira, 5 de novembro de 2007

3.1 - PINTURA (Começar: O princípio do fim II)

In my dreams i find you. I find you, the healing of my sickness. Day after day, it just gets repeated... Since the moment i wake up, until the moment i lay down on my empty bed, i just dream about a dream. The dream of having you in my dreams. People will say we do not match, but it does not mather. I care more for what i belive in. And i belive in you. I belive in all those silly moments, those moments in wich i get myself driven out of reality and transported into a new dimension. A dimension where there is no one else. It is just the two of us, floating through a paralel place, where ordinary people can't see us. Maybe i am just an alter-ego, the result of your own mind. In fact, i am a result of you. You interfere directly with what i am, and what i produce, you organize my mind and my thoughts. Basicly you established the rules for my mental sanity. But it is just my dream. The dream of finding you in my dreams.

Texto original de Silva Torres
Silva Torres original text

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